Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stinky dog tale

Yesterday was a good day in which my physical fitness continued to improve and I fulfilled my desire for yet another piece of black clothing.

A friend led me to the perfect black warm-up jacket that will go perfectly with my black tennis skirt and my black running pants. The combination of coffee, conversation and the purchase made for a very good afternoon.

I got back just on time for yoga, where I felt good.

Maddie got fed three times by accident, because when Joe saw the note "dog was fed" he took it to mean just in the morning, while I was trying to say that I had fed her a second time before I went out.

When sitting on the couch next to her after that, I said, in a playful tone, "You're going to get fat."

She got down and lay on the floor, her back to me. Obviously she didn't like being called fat.

When I took her out later at night, she rolled in something on the lawn. I told her to get away from that, and she came back in the house with me. I wasn't in the same room with her, so I didn't notice the smell until Joe came in and asked whether the dog had gotten into something.

It was after 11, and time to wash a stinky dog.

So we got her into the tub, and then she sat nicely while I washed the stink out. There was water, water everywhere.

I didn't get to bed until after midnight.

I bought a new collar today to replace the old one that I had to throw out.

This should be my biggest problem.

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