Saturday, September 14, 2013

I'll leave my heart....

Japanese Tea Garden
I think I'll move to California.

In a packed day on Friday, I strolled though Berkeley, dipped a toe (OK, a sneaker) into the Pacific Ocean and drove through Golden Gate Park, stopping for a walk through the Japanese Tea Garden, followed by tea and treats.

On the way home, we took photos at the Golden Gate Bridge just as the setting sun cast the perfect light on it.

With views of the bay from so many different directions it is just simply intoxicating.

Wendy, Nancy and me at Ocean Beach
In front of the golden icon
Today we had Dim Sum in Oakland's Chinatown, walked in the woods and finished the day with the San Francisco happening, Beach Blanket Babylon, the longest-running musical revue in the country.

With wigs to die for, this up-to-date satire melds pop-culture figures with show tunes, capturing the San Francisco spirit like nothing else.

Check it out:

Tomorrow we're going to Nancy's yacht club to watch the Americas Cup and then to Muir Woods, followed by dinner in Sausalito...if we can fit it all in.

I doubt I'll have trouble sleeping on the plane home tomorrow night.


PJ said...

You and your cousin really look alike. Glad you're having a blast!

Unknown said...

Yay Ronni, How great that you are doing everything you waanted to do and more. fyi, you've had the best weather ever and the best hosts, but the every day here is like the every day anywhere, except the views are better. Lots of love, Mani