Saturday, September 7, 2013

Going here and there and back again

Katie, me and Ben at the 92nd St. Y
Happy 5774 to all of my Jewish friends. Here's to a healthy New Year filled with all things sweet.

In a whirlwind trip to New York, I dropped off round challas to various people. Before leaving,  I cut into one with Joe. We said the traditional prayer, and I thought as usual of my father with his large hands cutting the challah at our family gatherings in New York and wishing everyone a year with no sharp edges just like the challah.

On Wednesday I drove to Fairfield, leaving my car there and taking a train the rest of the way. I brought a new small suitcase and managed to toss it into the overhead, although it landed precariously on its side. Once at Grand Central, I maneuvered through the crowd, and then, thinking it wise to get a taxi instead of going up and down more steps to the subway, I went outside, only to discover that this was not an easy task since it was rush hour and the night before Rosh Hashanah, when a good part of the New York population was trying to get somewhere before sunset. Finally I did get a cab...and had one of the longest rides I can remember.

After getting uptown to Jeanne's and collapsing into a chair, I thought for a minute that my fatigue was suspicious and that I needed a blood test. But I stopped that one in its tracks. There was a reason for being tired.  Duh.

Katie came later, and we spent the night at Jeanne's. In the morning, we went to services at the 92nd Street Y as usual, meeting Ben there. I enjoyed listening to Rabbi Jen, who has been dubbed the coolest rabbi in New York. When she asked for a show of hands of people who had attended services there for at least two decades, I was among them; actually I grew up at the Y, having started there at nursery school. When I am there, I feel my parents around me.

After our traditional lunch at the Three Guys restaurant on 96th Street, we walked down Fifth on a beautiful day. I decided I didn't need a blood test after all. Then Katie and I took the train to Fairfield. I tried to show how well I could hoist my suitcase, but if the window had been open, it would have flown out of it. Katie to the rescue.

We picked up my car, drove the rest of the way home and turned around this morning and went back to Brandeis, and then I drove back home. It kind of makes my head spin. I had intended to participate in the Jimmy Fund walk tomorrow in Boston, but it would have been too much.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the walk. I am going to be a "virtual walker," meaning that I will contribute the money I raised and will be there in spirit.

And I still get a Heme Team T-shirt.

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