Friday, August 9, 2013

Feeling tired

The pain has subsided, except for my blistery lips. No word on that.

Yesterday I went all day without taking a pain pill, although I am tempted to take something for my lips. And if I do? So what. That is what they are there for. There is no award for toughing it out.

Last night I made stir fry and could hardly eat it. Finally, when I saw Joe eating it after hockey, I powered some down.

Yesterday was hot and humid. I could barely stay awake. I even slept through "Hardball." Usually all the yelling would have kept me awake.

I asked nurse Joe if he thought I was relapsing.

"Mom, you're old and you had major surgery two weeks ago," he said.

Well, not that old, but yes, I did just have major surgery, and at the time they also did plenty of blood work.

The fear of relapse has definitely taken a back seat, but I wonder if it ever goes away.


Ann said...

Listen to Joe. Your body has been through major trauma. And you're right, there are no medals for trying to be tougher than the pain. Be kind to yourself. xo

Joanna said...

Don't listen to him--you're not old. I think anyone would take at least this amount of time to get back his or her feet. You were just gifted in the recovery department before. Now, you are just above average.