Monday, October 22, 2012

Wellfleet in the fall

I went to Wellfleet with Diane and David this weekend as most places were shutting down.

Some already had. The Beachcomber was boarded up, as was Mac's down at the harbor. It was the last weekend at Mac's Shack, where Diane and I had dinner Friday night. It can make you kind of melancholy.

But some things never change. The salty sea air was like a tonic. I took deep breaths as though I could store it for later.

It was gray on Saturday, but the sun came out on Sunday. We walked through the woods to Gull Pond on the right and Higgins on the left. Then we sat at a small sandy beach and watched the sun glisten on the water. A few people were out in their canoes. We also went to the ocean and parked at the dunes to take a look.

One benefit of going off-season was that we could actually get into the French bakery, which during the summer is so crowded that nobody goes there. I went at 7:30 a.m. in August to get their famed almond croissants, but the line was so long that I gave up. We went Saturday around 8:30, and there was no line...but, alas, they had just sold the last almond croissant.

I got regular croissants instead, along with their homemade blueberry jam and a blueberry muffin. Along with fruit, it was a delicious breakfast. And at least I saw the inside of the place. They said I could order almond croissants for the next day, but I took a pass.

Diane and David don't have a TV there, so in a way we felt removed from the election, although we did read the papers and check Just being at their beautiful house in the woods, off the beaten track, helped me to get a little break from it.

And now, on to the debate.

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