Sunday, October 28, 2012

The waiting game

There is a lot of waiting going on around here these days.

Waiting for the storm, which may or may not come here, and waiting for the election, which definitely will come.

I haven't done much about the storm except to buy two half-gallon jugs of water (the gallons were sold out), ask Joe to bring in the lawn furniture and clean out the garage, buy more chocolate and salvage the last springs of mint from the garden, which make my iced tea-lemonade taste like summer.

As for the election, I have just about had enough.

You cannot watch the local news without dueling ads by Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren. Rival candidates always make photos of their opponent look bad in their ads, but you have to laugh at the overkill in the witch-like Warren visage that Brown is using in his ads, cropped to make her look like all she has a ghoulish face floating in the air. And Scott, would you stop it with the truck already?

I guess you can see who I'm for, but honestly, I'm tired of them both.

As for the presidential race, I thought it was funny the other day to be at the gym riding a bike in front of the MSNBC and Fox News channels side by each. Talk about dueling perspectives.

Having almost reached the saturation point, I have actually skipped "Hardball" a couple of times. But the past couple of days I have succumbed again. By the way, I don't only watch MSNBC. Today, I watched "Meet the Press," in which round-table participants weighed in from both sides.

But for the most part I subsist on a daily diet of MSNBC and Nate Silver, checking daily. Click, click, click.

Anne Lamott posted on Facebook that a daily diet of MSNBC and Nate Silver was getting to be too much for her delicate "princess self." I laughed. She said that candy corn was the only thing getting her through, and that her grandson kept asking why the bags were empty.

The only difference is that for me, it's been Hershey's miniatures.


Anonymous said...

The waiting is getting to all of us -- i had friend visiting for a week -- brace yourself...she is a Republican Party strong supporter -- that is fine, but we watched Fox 5, including for the debate!

thanks for that news link, and, of course, for the postings!


Anonymous said...

Isn't it Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren? there was a shot of a 4-5 year old girl crying on TV today "I'm so tired of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, when will they go away?"
This has been a very long a nasty campaign here in FL. We are inundated with ads, most of them lies! The thing that scares me most is that many people make up their minds as to how they vote based on these ads!
luv ya, Bets

Ronni Gordon said...

I posted this comment from a Florida friend after fixing my ridiculous mistake in which I transposed the Mass. candidates last names. Just shows you how dizzying the campaign has gotten!