Sunday, October 14, 2012

A beautiful walk in Whately

Maddie and I joined some 10 other dog lovers yesterday on a beautiful walk in Whateley (Mass.). We walked – and the dogs ran – along a path that winds through farm fields.

The outing was organized by a group that plans different dog walks throughout the year. It was a little blustery yesterday, but the sky was a gorgeous blue, and the air was crisp. It's a good way to spend a morning for dogs and people alike. The conversations don't always focus on dogs, but it's a good starting point for people who have a common interest. The big dogs ran ahead and played while the small dogs held up the rear on their leashes.

There were a few hills, but the walk wasn't very strenuous. Still, as soon as we got home, Maddie fell asleep on one side of the couch while I fell asleep on the other. It was a good tired.

Tomorrow I am going to Dana-Farber for two appointments, one a regular checkup and the other with the surgeon who operated on my tongue. I'm sleeping over at Diane's and getting together tomorrow night with my friend Saul from Dana-Farber. On Tuesday morning, I have a checkup with my dermatologist. That will make for two busy days.

Here are some more photos taken during the dog walk. Notice that Maddie decided to park herself in a puddle. I guess labs will be labs. Thanks Michelle for downloading some of these photos.


Joanna said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Elena said...

I like your blog post and I'll invite you on, I joined because my mom is fighting cancer for the second time.