Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beautiful day for Jimmy Fund golf tournament

Here we are wearing our volunteer T-shirts.

Yesterday I started off bright and early playing tennis and then proceeded to watch golf.

More specifically, I volunteered at the 33rd Annual Jimmy Fund Golf Tournament/Jeffrey Vinick Memorial, , where my not-very-hard job consisted of sitting at the sixth hole at Crestview Country Club to verify if anyone hit a hole-in-one, which nobody did.

My friend Deb Doner shared the three-hour-shift with me. We put our chairs in the shade on a perfect spring day and enjoyed the beautiful view, greeting the golfers as they came through.

I got really tired from playing tennis and being outside all afternoon, so afterward I went to my friend Korby's house, which is near the golf course, and crashed on a bed upstairs. Kids (relatives of hers) were splashing and screaming in the pool downstairs, and at one point someone came into the room, but I slept through most of it.

From there I went to the dinner at Chez Josef, sitting at a table with Korby's family. The dinner is always fun, and the food is very good. There was no need to fill out a calorie count yesterday, because I'm sure I went way over.

The speaker was a young woman who got cancer while in high school. She talked about all the good friends she made while being treated at Childrens Hospital Boston and about the excellent care she received. She also said she is three years four months out – the same as me.

I'd like to volunteer again next year. Helping Dana-Farber while sitting outside with a friend on a beautiful day if fine with me.


Aaron Gerry said...

i remember you on that hole!!! what a great story.. i wish you the best in the upcoming years!! great inspiration..

Kathy Mahoney said...

Hello Ronni- I am so very happy to have found such wonderful pictures of you and your family. By best to you in all of life!