Friday, June 22, 2012

Heat wave

I think I might have African Sleeping Sickness...either that or the heat is getting to me.

Since I haven't been to Africa, I'd say it is a good bet that the cause is our heat wave. We have air-conditioners in the den and dining room and in our bedrooms; I try to wait as long as possible to turn the downstairs ones on so that they are not going all day. Yesterday I read that ACs contribute to global warming, so I waited even longer.

As I sat in the kitchen trying to write, a cup of coffee by my side, I fell asleep in my chair. I woke up with a start as I was starting to list to one side.

My favorite activity these days is lying on the couch. I've dozed off there too, but that's better than sitting in a chair.

On Wednesday, I went to George's clinic at the Canoe Club. We did drills from 9 a.m. to about 11:15, and then it was time to play. By then I had had it. Truthfully, I felt the heat earlier, but I thought I would stick it out along with the nine other people who were there. I "wimped out" at 11: 15. Either that or I made a good decision. Eight people stayed to play doubles, many of them older than I am. I got a Coke, went home and headed for the couch.

Yesterday I didn't do much. I took Maddie to Jim and Jane's to pick up a fax that I had had sent to them (because I don't have a fax machine). Maddie ran in, grabbed Jim's shoe and ran around with it until Jane sent her outside to play with their dog, Blue. While we chatted, I sunk into their couch.

I walked Maddie around 8. She's been lying on the floor and has not asked to go for a walk as she usually does. (Although she does of course do her business in the wooded area behind our house.) I guess she knows it's no fun out there.

I put on the sprinklers after the sun was off the flowers and tried to reposition them with the water still going. Hold sprinkler in the other direction, put it down, get ready to sprint away...and get soaked when you don't get out of the way fast enough.

It sprayed right into my face. Wheeeeeeee! That was fun! And it was a great way to cool down. Forget turning the water off before you move the sprinkler. It's much more fun to get wet.


PJ said...

I hope you've cooled off. I sweat profusely these days--probably the extra water weight. We don't have AC in the country but Harry was here for 2 days and said it was awful, except for the fan he used when sleeping.

Nelle said...

The heat has me wanting naps too. It has been brutal.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Runder-Woman --

i don't know how you could play tennis in the heat!

the couch is the place to is enervating...and on top of it -- i am allergic to the Sun and sensitive to heat -- anything below 65 degrees in a bit much...but 90+ this week! Years ago, my uncle was in from Africa -- during a heat wave in your hometown -- and i asked him if Mali was this hot? he said, nyc was much worse! our concrete jungle steams!
enjoy your sprinkler -- only sprinking i get is from the leaking air conditioners as i walk along the sidewalk!