Sunday, January 16, 2011


Last week when it had just begun to snow in New York, my cousin Jeanne's husband, professional photographer Bruce Byers, snapped photos of Katie and their daughter Amanda while we waited for a Third Avenue bus back to their apartment after having dinner.

The buses like to travel in herds. We stood there for a while before our bus showed up, and then of course they came in a bunch. We didn't mind waiting.

The snow wasn't heavy, but there was enough to catch it on your tongue. Some of the flakes that fell on Katie's dark coat were shaped like perfect stars.

Bruce and I stood in the doorway of a store while Jeanne waited on the sidewalk. That's Katie on the left looking into the camera with Jeanne in the background, and, above, from left, Amanda, Jeanne and Katie.

Amanda and Katie sat together on the bus.

Jeanne and I sat opposite them, talking about how it didn't seem like very long ago that we were that age. Above right, Bruce held his camera out and photographed the three of them.

Yesterday, back in South Hadley (below), there was more snow but fewer people.

Where did everyone go?


Anonymous said...

i love this. :)

Nelle said...

What wonderful pictures. You look fabulous.How I love the city and stiLl hope to make it there soon.

pam said...

Dearest Runder-Woman,

Thinking of your Wonderful Mother especially today --

it does not indeed seem so long ago that we were younger than Katie and Amanda, and enjoying the silence and fountain at the Frick...was great seeing you all...

Margaret said...

I enjoyed your trip to New York vicariously. I could practically feel the snowflakes on my tongue on Third Avenue.

Deborah said...

The thing is, Katie is as beautiful --happy and glowing---in real life as in the pics!

PJ said...

Glad your time in NYC was fun. I'm driving there today, through the snow and ice.