Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dana-Farber visit

I had some good news at my clinic appointment yesterday: My liver enzymes are lower and I can decrease the prednisone again, from 20 mg. to 15.

Dr. Alyea had hoped that my platelets would increase with the higher prednisone dose and the improvement of the Graft vs. Host in my liver. That didn't happen, however, and they remained at 60. (That's up a tiny bit, but inconsequential.) Everything else was fine, and he didn't seem concerned.

My white count is a normal 7.8, and my hematocrit and hemoglobin are normal, at 35.9 and 12.2 respectively.

We talked a little tennis, as we often do. I was about to write here that we talk tennis when, thankfully, there is nothing serious to discuss, but actually, in a way tennis talk is serious because it's a gauge of my well-being (just as talking about progress in a variety of ways is important for other survivors). I told him I had hit a nice passing shot down the line, and he smiled and said he loves the feeling of that shot.

He also told me that in his notes about our last visit, he had included that I had an ace. I smiled at that as an indicator of his subtle sense of humor and of his overall perspective (and that of my other Dana-Farber doctors) on the importance of knowing the total person.

Katie had come with me to Boston, and she high-fived me when I gave her my report. On the way home, we stopped at the gigantic Natick Mall, a very nice place as far as malls go. I've bought enough for myself lately, so we were looking for some clothes for her. She doesn't ask for things that are too expensive, and we were both happy to find the right things at the right price.

We got home around 7:30, and Joe had dinner waiting.

Good kids, good day.


Elayne said...

great news Ronni! It is wonderful to have doctors that treat the total person. My doctors and I always talk running... and yes a good indicator of where we are! Enjoy your tennis games:)

donna said...

You're a lucky mom!

Ann said...

Good news!

Denise said...

here is a verbal high-five! So glad for your good report. :)

susiegb said...

Very good day!! Big smiles all round ... :)

Susan C said...

Love to read these good reports. I'm now fantasizing about how wonderful it would be to have dinner waiting for me after a long day.

PJ said...

I agree with you about the staff at DFCI.

Glad you had a good visit and that your kids are so wonderful.

Nelle said...

Good news! Good kids.

Anonymous said...

Hello, My names Amanda and I am a freshman at Springfield College in Professor Robbins-Chipkins class. You remind me a lot of my father. My dad was diagnosed with liver cancer my freshamn year of high school. It was one of the toughest things to deal with my freshman year, but he is a fighter and he is still here with us today after many scares of losing him. My dad also goes to Dana-Farber for treatments and things and had just went to the doctors yesterday. This one relates to me because we got okay news yesterday. I just want to say that your story is great and keep fighting, many will look up to you. I also want to say your a great writier and dont ever stop!