Friday, January 21, 2011

Audrey gets a second chance

Maddie approves of the new rug. Below, Audrey 3 looks
better after her makeover.

Audrey 3 needed help, and it was a long time coming.

Audrey is actually a Peace Lily plant that was overgrown and unattractive. I didn't trim "her" enough or water her enough, and her leaves often drooped in seeming despair. She occupied a corner of our dining room in an ill-fitting grey planter. Every now and then the plant shot up a white flower as if to say, "Don't forget about me!"

Katie and I named it after Audrey 2, the man-eating plant in "Little Shop of Horrors." Like its predecessor, our Audrey seemed to say "Feed me" before loudly slurping up her water and raising her leaves in triumph.

Audrey 3 finally got some attention as part of my plan to inexpensively beautify my dining room.

Maddie had ruined the rug, as a puppy chewing off each corner and then, after her car accident, getting sick on it. I have been looking for an affordable but nice rug that picks up the green and yellow in my wallpaper, and finally found one in New York. I had it shipped here, and some friends came over the other day and put it down under the dining room table. I love it.

Inspired, I grabbed Audrey and took her into the kitchen, where I gave her a major trim, pulling out the dead and discolored leaves. (I'm still on prednisone, and I'm not supposed to dig in the dirt where fungus might lurk; I wondered if this was OK, so I put on a mask just in case.)

Now the plant can breathe. It already looks healthy and shiny.

On Monday, I drove Katie back to Brandeis and didn't get back until dark. Near home, around 7, I stopped at Randall's Farm for provisions. They have a big garden store where I only go in planting season, but a sign advertising 20 percent off pottery drew me in. I found a beautiful multi-colored ceramic pot for Audrey.

I still had to pick up Maddie at Jim and Jane's, where she had spent the day. It was 9 degrees and falling.

"This is fun!" I said to myself as I drove off, savoring my beautiful bargain.

(You might wonder at my idea of fun, but yes, at that moment I was indeed having fun.)

It made me think about how after cancer you can savor the tiniest triumphs as well as the big events. It was a little crazy to be running around in the cold buying pottery for a plant named Audrey, but I was happy that I was alive to do it.

No doubt, cancer can haunt you. It can also bring extra vibrancy to certain moments, not only the special but also the silly.


donna said...

Love the new rug. I have that same kind of plant in my classroom. The kids call it "the magic plant" because it can be flat as a pancake due to someone forgetting to water it and still come back and look great when finally receiving some TLC. Finding pleasure in the simple things is what more of us should do. Go Audrey!

pamela perkins said...

Wonderful, Runder-Woman,

your joy in the moment -- in the lush resilience of Audrey 3, -- and in beautifying the dining room reminds me of your Mother -- her thriving garden, and her loving touch in making everything beautiful, table settings and all,


julie said...

I remember, especially back during treatment, finding tremendous joy in so many simple, ordinary, sometimes just odd things. Fun is wherever we can find it - glad you're enjoying yourself!

Nelle said...

I love your new rug. It is beautiful! Mine is 8 yrs old and needs replacing too. We received one of those plants but it was enormous when delivered and I gave it to someone who would know how to care for it. So glad you are enjoying the little things. :)