Thursday, January 8, 2009

Platelets, PICCs and perking up

Today I got two bags of HLA-matched platelets, bumping from 6 to 51. That was a very nice bump, and it earned me the distraction of having my PICC line rewired at my bedside. I wouldn’t say this exactly hurt, but it was a very strange sensation to have a wire pulled out of my arm and have another one inserted. Eeech. Well I’m glad to have it back up and running, because I had to be stuck three times last night after the PICC was deemed out of order.

I don’t think I’ve explained this recently, so just in case anyone is wondering, PICC is short for peripherally inserted central catheter and is a form of intravenous access like a Hickman, although easier to insert.

I had a better night’s sleep last night and an early morning fever of 100.7, which is lower than it has been. Dr. Martha Wadleigh, who heads the team supervising my daily care, looked me over this morning and said, “You look well. We’re very pleased.” This picked me up considerably.

I hardly watch any TV, but tonight I thought I might get a laugh from last night’s episode of “The Daily Show.” I turned Comedy Central on early and caught the end of “Scrubs,” the hospital comedy. The story centered on three transplant patients who had each received an organ from the same donor. Turns out the donor was infected with rabies, and one by one the previously cheerful patients were shown dying. Once I saw what was happening, I turned the show off. Not a good distraction.

I did the sixth-floor walkabout twice today and am about to head out for a pre-bedtime stroll. Walking is good for my lungs and of course for my general well being. If I count and walk, there isn’t much room left for catastrophizing.


CLL Spouse said...

It's good to give the catastrophizing muscles a rest. Counting! I need to add that to my repertoire! Thanks.

You sound better! YEA!

PJ said...

Happy to see you hanging onto platelets and putting in the miles. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Yummy, platelets! Anyways, whenever I got platelets I felt stronger which I know is crazy but it made me feel better equipped with the fight.

You are doing GREAT superstar.

Mieke said...

Ouch! The PICC line insertion makes me feel wonky just thinking about it! Man, what you have to go through to get better! My hat's off to you Ronni, I'd be such a big blubbering baby were I to be poked, prodded and pumped full of things! You truely do everything with grace! Glad the fever's down, get ye a transplant soon!

SRS said...

Hello - It's great to hear you are getting your exercise in! In addition to getting your haircut, you need to see the classy red and gold sign in front of the historic house now - certainly a change from that piece of junk that stood there for years. It looks like they copied your attractive red door and bench color. Tell us about Maddie.

Jay Goldman said...

Dear Ronni - I'm so sorry for not checking your blog, let alone writing to you since December 4th. I can't believe what you've been through. I have a feeling, though, that I just tuned in at a positive inflection point for you. It's wonderfull to see how many warm-hearted, well wishing empathetic friends you have made. I am so touched, humored and inspired by the way you are transforming your mostly painful experiences into comedic gems. That you found the capacity to continue your blog during the last few weeks is beyond beyond amazing. I pray that it gets easier for you from here on out. Sending warm, positive and loving vibes your way. Does everyone here know that you were the most beautiful girl in Friends Seminary's class of '72? - Jay xoxoxo

Jim said...

Stay on it, Ronni! Thinking of you often. Jim

Nelle said...

I check in every day to see if there is an update and this one was wonderful! I too have been wondering how Maddie is doing. She must miss you terribly. Keep feeling better each day and know that you are thought of and wished all the best, which is of course good health. :)

Tamar said...

I have really become hooked on your blog(it's about time you say.) - John will often read it before me and give me the update:) Today is great - I am so happy to have you returning to us. It was very dark for awhile but you are getting so much lighter it is spectacular - can't wait for the transplant!!
with so much love - you make me smile,

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronni, glad to read your platelets are on the rise! I was so saddened to hear that you were thrown back into fighting mode. You are so strong; yet you continue to be challenged. Your openness and willingness to share your story is remarkable and continues to be a true inspirational. I should write a song about you. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. I love you!! Chaska