Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just when you thought the voting was over

Hello, this is Ronni's friend Margaret posting a quick request. I've entered Ronni's blog in the annual blog awards competition at After much arm-twisting, she has finally agreed to let me ask you to go to the Medgadget web site and vote for her blog. It's listed in two categories, Best Literary Medical Blog and Best Patient Blog. Ronni was reluctant because she is so moved and inspired by so many other peoples' blogs ... but I think she finally saw that the best way to get me to stop pestering her was to give in!

So please click here and scroll down to vote for Running for My Life in both the Literary Medical Blog and the best Patient categories. One vote per IP address; voting closes at midnight, Sunday, Jan. 18. She has the better shot in the Literary category. Let's lift her over the top!

Thank you!


Korby said...

absolutely will vote! Ronni, you are sounding good. Keep it up!
Love and miss you,

claudia said...

I read the blogs and casted the vote! Hope to talk to you soon !Claudia

Carl said...

So where do we find the voting page? All I can find on the site is a nominations page.

Susan C said...

It looks like the other finalists in the literary category are MDs, but I voted for Running anyway.

I know I'm biased, but I looked over the other entries in the patient category, and none of them hold a candle to Ronni's writing.

Ronni Gordon said...

If you go to the site, then all the categories come up on the left with instructions on how to vote. I feel kind of awkward getting involved in this, because I admire all the blogs I follow, but as Margaret said, it was all her doing.

rc said...

just cast our ballots...that's twice in a year i've felt good about who i voted for...that now surpasses all the presidential votes i've ever cast (ok, i admit i liked carter, but i've taken that vote back) ...meanwhile we're busy thinking of ways we can stuff the ballot box..cheers and love...chip and carolyn

Anonymous said...

You got my vote sister!!!
DONE and thank you "friend" for jumping in and bringing this to our attention.

Ben said...


I voted for you in both categories. As we discussed today, we need to keep the pedal to the metal and make sure we grow this lead since you never know what kind of Karl-Rove style stunts these other bloggers are going to pull (just kidding; they are all worth opponents; they're just not going to win :-)).

Like RC, I have cast two votes (actually three because I voted for you in two categories) that I have felt good about in recent months.

Also, if you win both categories (you will need a come-from-behind victory in the patient blog, but Bill Clinton was at 2 percent polling at the start of the primaries in 91-92 and came back to win New Hampshire and then the whole thing) I will have voted for the winning candidate in every election that I have been really pumped up for.

Keep up the good work!



Nelle said...

It will be my pleasure to vote for Ronni's blog. :)

Margaret said...

VOTE NOTE -- It can be hard to find the place to vote on Go directly to this url:

Please emaiul your friends with the link so they can vote for Ronni's blog, too. The polls close Sunday night.


Howard said...

Done & done. I didn't even have to go to the consulate first...