Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holding pattern

I thought I might be able to go home this week, but now that seems unlikely because I am still running fevers, although the pneumonia does seem to be getting better. I saw Dr. Alyea today and he said it looks like the donor is lined up for the fourth week of the month. I told him it made me nervous to be sitting around with leukemia in me, and he repeated that there is very little of it. So there are some good things to report.

My platelets are very low – around 6 when last checked this morning – but I am not getting a bump from general non-matched platelets. This always happens to me. They are hoping to get me two bags of what are called HLA-matched platelets tomorrow. The PICC line in my arm somehow moved, and it needs to be put back into the proper position, but they can’t do it without getting me more platelets.

In other exciting news, my blood pressure was high, so they gave me a pill for it, which made it go low and made me get light-headed. I stayed in bed for a bit and eventually felt normal enough to walk the 20 laps around the sixth floor.

Ben and Joe came yesterday; Joe stopped in on his way to the Bruins’ game, and Ben, who was visiting friends, came over before dinner yesterday and then came back today before tonight’s Celtics game. Seeing the kids always picks me up.

I’m feeling a little despondent today. I feel like I got lifted out of normal life and dropped into a nightmare. I walked over to 6A for another pep talk from Myra, and as usual, she did a good job. She told me to stop looking back and to use my energy for staying strong and fighting.

She also told me she hoped I got to go home for a bit because, she said, “You need a haircut.”
I guess I need to remember to keep my priorities straight.


Nelle said...

There's nothing like a visit from your children when you are in the hospital. It seemed every time I woke up after my heart surgery my son was there. Often I was too weak to talk but he just smiled and that seemed to pick me up. Glad to hear there's only a little leukemia and that there is a donor and things seem to be moving along the path to getting better.

Michelle said...

Hey Ronnie, Glad you got to see the boys. I am sure that must help as you sit, waiting, wondering what is next. Just know if I can do anything, please let me know. Michelle B

susiegb said...

So, if the nurse is telling you to get a haircut, does that mean you won't be losing your hair this time? That'd be something to celebrate I should think <grin>

I do hope you get to go home, but if you don't, well, it'll still be there waiting for you ...

:) susie

PJ said...

The matched platelets are sure to give you a boost. Try not to spend them all in one place.

I know the hospital is a dull place to be, but it's safe for you right now. Still hoping you get to go home for a bit though.

Onward, Ronni.

hockeychic said...

Myra is a gem, she is right keep looking forward. I'm sure it has to feel like a nightmare. I hope that the HLA platelets give you a boost.

Wishing you well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronni,

Just thinking of you. I was too weak to talk or even want to watch TV, I loved the dark as the lights seemed to zap energy from me.

Giving you bug hugs and know you are a trooper and you will get outta there soon enough!

Anonymous said...


Thinking of you today!! A haircut always makes me feel better (even with my blotchy patchy immunosuppressant hair)!

Hope there were a bunch of smiles that made up today.

Carolyn said...

Ronni -- I wrote a message the other day, but don't think it got there. Anyway, as I was saying, dark days of winter do seem like a holding pattern for us all -- until little, by little the days get lighter and our spirits begin to pick up. As the days grow longer may your spirits grow stronger. Can't wait to take a nice walk around the lake with Maggie when the crocuses (that's not the way you spell it, I'm sure) start to show themselves. In the meantime,keep up those laps. Love Carolyn