Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Why I wore tennis clothes from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Lunch and dessert
It was good to get back to tennis.

I had a great time at the round robin in Enfield. The courts were free afterwards and so four of us stayed an extra half an hour. Total time was from a little after 9 until 11. I was pretty tired but felt great.

After that I went to Northampton to help a friend with a project. I usually go to Starbucks afterwards but I didn't want to be late so I went straight up Route 91. I got off at Route 5, and, not knowing if my friend and his wife had coffee, pulled up in front of Northampton Coffee.

With construction ongoing, a traffic cop was waving cars through from one side and then the other. I asked how I could get across, and she said to go stand beside her. I asked if she wanted a coffee, and when she said no, I said how about a muffin? She didn't want either, but she seemed pleased.

Inside, I found that the muffins were gone. The only possibility was an expensive almond croissant. I was hungry so I bought it, saying to the barista that I figured it was healthy because it had almonds on it.

"Food for the soul," she said.

We worked on the project until a little after three. Then they took me to the Pie Bar. The quiche with feta, spinach and peppers looked good, and so did the blueberry pie. I got pie for the meal (quiche) and split a (piece of) pie for dessert.

After that I went down to the Holyoke Y for yoga. With all that pie in my stomach, I thought I might feel sick, but I was OK.

Having skipped everything up through Monday, when I got my stitches out, I felt like it was worth it to fit in two things in one day. Good for the mental health.

By the time I picked up Maddie at Jim and Jane's and got home, it was just about 8 p.m.

But I felt better for the exercise, the company of friends, and the pie (s).

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