Monday, April 24, 2017

Ten good things

With Nell and Uncle Joe
1. Stitches out of head and calf today.

2.  Exercise can begin again.

3. BP normal at doctor visit today (was high at Dana-Farber last week).

4. Hematocrit normal (was low due to bleeding from head during surgery).

5. Good visit in Fairfield with Ben, Joe, Jim and Nell on Saturday.

6. Women's Running ran my piece on finishing last in a race.

Ben and Nell
7. Dana-Farber ran my piece on a support group for blood cancer survivors.

8. A friend is going to drive me to Dana-Farber next week.

9. Attended fun and interesting event following Mt. Toby Friends Meeting Sunday in which jazz trio played and performers discussed similarities between improvisational jazz and Quaker meeting.

10. At car wash today, guys vacuuming inside car found missing rolls of Tums.

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