Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The resistance, the ankle and the dog story

The Gordon group
I thought the graft on my ankle was healing well, but now I'm not so sure.

It's been a week with just some twinges, but I'm concerned it's hurting more and not less. I called the Mohs office in Boston and left a message but did not hear back. I did talk to Melissa and sent her and my regular dermatologist a gross photo. I hope the spot isn't infected.

I haven't done anything to irritate it. I walked Maddie just a short way (have dog, must walk) and since Jim and Jane are away, that's what I need to do. Last night I took her on the leash in the dark because I don't like how she runs off into the woods behind my house. It was slippery so I decided it was not a good idea and turned back. I let her off near my door and she dashed into the woods and disappeared. So there I was in the rain, blowing the whistle that is supposed to make her come back (per trainer) and jiggling a can of dog biscuits. Finally she trotted out. Reminiscent of the panic that sets in when you "lose" a child in a store and the child turns up behind you.

Michael Gordon photo
Yesterday I finished a story for the AKC's Family Dog magazine on the ways in which the kids and I helped Maddie recover from her car accident and the way she helped me, and by extension the family, heal after my relapse, and how she continues to work her dog magic (except when disappearing).

I enjoyed working with Michael Gordon, my former colleague and so-called cousin, who took the photos. It's like being back at work (without the stress) and the second time we have done freelance work together.

I haven't gone to yoga or done any exercise, per doctor's orders, but I did go to a restorative yoga class at Erin's tonight. It is no way stresses anything; this is not the textbook description but it is basically a lot of lying around. I hope the relaxation will extend through the inauguration. I don't plan to look at or listen to it but the fact of it is unavoidable.

A friend said that I've been through so much I shouldn't get myself sick about it but since I already am, the only thing to do is to try to be active in the opposition, or, as it is being called, the resistance. It is hard not to get sick all over again when reading about hacking, Russians, the ACA, and on and on.

I googled Donald Trump resistance just to see what came up, and sure enough, there is a page, the DJT Resistance, showing the logos of Trump-supporting companies to boycott. And of course a Facebook page.

On Sunday I enjoyed having brunch with like-minded women in an action group. We discussed the marches and other plans and ideas. I had briefly thought of going to Washington for the Women's March but changed my focus to Boston.

When I jokingly said I might need a wheelchair, two who are going said no problem!

Well I'm not going to do that. I asked Melissa today if she thought I could go. She said that since it will only be four days until the date I can exercise (tennis here I come), I should be able to go,  but maybe not for the whole thing. That was actually an idea that I had had. It could work because we plan to park at Diane and David's and so I could just hop on the T early and go back and wait for the others.

That is, of course, pending cooperation from my ankle. Toes crossed.

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