Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Doing a three-way for the first time

Something to cheer me up
I didn't know I could do a three-way until the nice lady told me last week.

The suspense is killing you, right?

Every time I have had to go between two locations in Boston, unless I drive myself, I take rides provided by MART to and from Boston and then The Ride in and around the city. Sometimes this has not worked out well.

Today's three-way with one MART driver went like this: South Hadley to Faulkner Hospital in Jamaica Plain to get my stitches removed and the spot on my ankle evaluated, then the same driver to Dana-Farber for my ECP (the blood behavior modification) and then three hours later, the same company back home.

The stitches on my stomach came out fine. At first I didn't want to look at the graft on my ankle but ultimately I did because I will be living with it. It looks like a crater about the size of a half dollar, with black dissolvable stitches around the circumference. Not pretty. I'm supposed to stay off it for another two weeks. If I don't, the graft will fall out.

This makes me unhappy. I took Maddie for a little walk yesterday but had the intuition that I shouldn't go far. It was about a half an hour, which is what the surgeon today told me my limit should be. And no walking to exercise. Or yoga and of course not tennis.

The world and our country at this perilous time have way worse problems than an antsy person with a hole in her ankle who is unhappy about not being able to exercise. But it is my outlet and my routine and without it I feel at best grumpy and at worst depressed.

I bought a little something extra to cheer myself up when I stopped at the dining area on the third floor at the Yawkey Center before going to ECP.  Not the best thing to do when you're not exercising, but it was only a little something.

I like to think of my father saying, "This too shall pass."

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