Sunday, May 10, 2015

Spinning into Mother's Day

When I told George on Thursday that my right arm hurt, he said it was probably due to hitting outside on the clay at the Canoe Club Wednesday; the first time can be hard on your arm because the ball hits the racquet differently.

But then I noticed it was black and blue where the needle had gone in. The needle bothered me on and off during the whole session Tuesday. The nurse said that it was in the right place so she just kept applying heat. But this morning there was a black and blue mark down the side of my forearm. I will have to point this out tomorrow, for what it's worth.

It's nice to have a friend who is in nursing school. Instead of diagnosing each other while walking around the lake based on our hunches – usually saying, don't worry it's probably nothing – I can now get a medically-based opinion from Deborah. She said not to worry, she has seen much worse.

Mother's Day was wonderful. I started off with spinning at the Y, figuring that I would earn the brunch we were planning. It was a hard class, and I was dripping with sweat to the point that there were droplets on my glasses. All the instructors provide different motivations. Maggie said something like,  "Think of your strong body and your strong spirit."

 Back straight, heels down, music blasting, stay with the beat, up and down, up and down. Not my typical taste in music, but I love it for spinning. What a way to clear your head.

Carly, Deborah, and Ben and Webster came over around 11, giving me time to shower and recuperate. Joe made a delicious breakfast bake. We had bagels, coffee cake, fruit and coffee – a meal that would make my mother-of-the-famous brunches proud. I pointed out that only the Nova (usually bought from Petach's on Madison Avenue) was missing. That didn't matter because it probably would not have been popular.

As I threw my biking shoes on the floor in front of the passenger seat in my car after spinning, I noted that it is a veritable athletic locker: tennis racquet, balls, yoga mat, tennis shoes, baseball cap (from Wednesday's outing), and, on top of that, the biking shoes.

It's good that I'm getting a ride tomorrow because I won't have to look at all that. (Actually I don't mind because otherwise I would clean it up.) Most importantly, I won't have to worry about driving through Boston traffic.

Unlike doctors' appointments, ECP at the Kraft donor center runs on time.

The cab or car (or whatever it is) is scheduled to come at noon. That should be plenty of time to get there at 3. First I'm going to Enfield to one of Michael's last point-play clinics of the year. That ends at 10:30, so I am not giving myself much leeway. But if I'm packed and ready to go I should be OK.

Gotta get that exercise in first!

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