Saturday, February 8, 2014

Adventures on a snowy path

Never let a Labrador retriever off the leash under a window at college dining.

That's what I learned today. After yoga, I would have been happy to call it quits, but I thought I would be a good dog person and walk Maddie. The beginning of the path around of the upper lake was plowed, so I was encouraged to go around that lake instead of the paved lower one. Soon enough, the plowed part stopped, though, giving way to a narrow tamped down path. It was good exercise for me, and Maddie loved romping in the show.

She was good until we came up to the end of the path and she went up a little hill to have a snack under the window. It was a long snack. She wouldn't come down, so, yelling at her all the while, I started to climb up the hill…and fell into the snow.

It was a good thing I was wearing my long down coat. I just kind of sat there, with the dog not paying any attention to me. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to straighten myself out. I ain't as nimble as I used to be. When she finally decided to come, I put her on the leash and slid down the hill.
For the rest of the walk, snow melted in my boots.

Well at least we'll both sleep well tonight.

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