Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Staying on my feet

I am behaving myself and staying off the rutty, muddy path around the lake, unless I am walking the dog, when I go slowly enough to stay out of trouble.

Yesterday, after lollygagging around the house and lying on the couch talking on the phone, I went to the gym. Getting there is the problem; once I'm there I am fine. I rode a bike and did the Arc machine, which is really quite strenuous and actually gives me a better workout than I get running at this point.

Then I did sit-ups, stretching and exercises on a mat, and best of all, got my Tootsie Rolls on the way out.

I did an interview yesterday at Holyoke Community College for one of their upcoming publications. It was about the supports offered through the Office for Students with Disabilities and Deaf Services. The acronym is a tongue-twister: OSDDS.

The more I write about all the services offered by this community college – most recently the Co-op program through which students get internships that often turn into jobs – the more impressed I am.

I think that support services have improved at four-year-colleges now, but back in the day when I went to Vassar, there was not much. You were basically plunged into this new life and left to fend for yourself. In the scheme of things, of course, there is nothing at all wrong with having the opportunity to be in a beautiful place with nothing to do but play and learn, but if you are shy and homesick like I was, you don't appreciate it as much as you should.

Looking forward to writing the story for HCC and going to tennis tonight.

Not looking forward to filling out my last FAFSA. When I was going to the office where I was doing my interview yesterday, I passed an office with a sign offering help for filling out the dreaded form. I wanted to drop right in. I better do it before the last minute in case I come across a problem.

Tomorrow is another day.

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