Monday, April 8, 2013

If at first you fail to learn...

...try and try again.

When I was recovering at home from my bone marrow transplants, I had a rule: "Only one thing a day."

So whatever I did, a walk, a quick shopping trip, whatever, I limited myself to that one thing even if I was tempted to do more.

I don't have to limit myself to one thing anymore, but I do have to remind myself that I am not the Ever Ready Bunny, and oddly, for a relatively smart person, I sometimes forget my limits. (If you know me, you're probably thinking "Duh."). No I did not fall this time or anything like that. But here's what happened that made me think about limits again.

I saw a friend this morning who I hadn't seen for a long time, and who knows my history. A look of concern in his eyes, he said he wanted to ask me a question. I said sure. "Are you OK?" he asked.

Cancer survivor paranoia set in. "Why, don't I look OK?" I asked, wondering if he saw something I was missing. "You look fine, but you're a little stiff, and I thought maybe something was going on with your medication," he said.

I told him I was OK and that I had played more than two hours of tennis the day before. Tonight after I was extra stiff in yoga and wishing for an oil can, I thought about my activity level yesterday.

I was scheduled to play in a team tennis match, and then I locked in to that night's round robin without giving it much thought. The match went a full two hours of excellent tennis. Afterwards, instead of stretching, I sat around and ate the food that our team, as the hosts, had brought. I was pretty tired, but I went home and walked the dog, did a few things around the house, and went to the other tennis event.

By that time I was stiffening up. I didn't want to play, but I had committed. I only played half – 45 minutes – sharing the spot with someone else who had just played a match. It was actually fun, but I was dragging.

Today I am feeling it. Here are things that every active person should remember:  Drink water, stretch, rest, and rejuvenate.


Joanna said...

As I am feeling so stiff right now after several tennis bouts today, I totally understand. The pro I work with thinks I should be more judicious in scheduling, but if an opportunity arises, it is impossible to turn it down. Right?

Robin said...

Good things to remember for all of us! Great that you were out playing tennis so long though!

PJ said...

You forgot: eat chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Runderful Runni,

please take it the days before your firstborn's big day!

you can play long games of tennis, 'serve them up,' to quote Al Gordon...and take long runs after the wedding week-end of April 20th!

Elayne said...

Great reminder Ronni!I like the idea of limiting my day to one thing right now as I am so far into chemo. This is a balance I struggle with.