Saturday, May 12, 2012

Time flies

I was going to sit in the living room to catch the morning sun today but changed my mind. The room did not have its usual serene quality. Katie's stuff is all over the place.

Actually it's all over the house. Her dorm room at college was pretty small, and it's hard to imagine all that stuff fitting in there.

College is over, and it's only early May. The more you pay, the less time they spend there. (This is not an original thought. I've heard it said by parents all around.) I picked her up yesterday and, with the help of two friends, we loaded the car. It's the reverse of move-in day, minus the excitement.

Katie pointed out, "I'm half-way through college."

Time flies (obviously also not an original thought). You can't think about it every day, but then something happens and it hits you, like your baby being half-way through college.

And here's something else: Next weekend I am going to New York for my 40th high school reunion, or as someone put it, our second 20th. How did we get so old?

Here's another thing to think about: We are still here.


susiegb said...

Oh I remember my school '40 Years On' reunion -hadn't seen most of those women for that long! It was fun -
Interesting to see how some people were just the same and others almost unrecogncisable. Hope you enjoy your one. :)

Ann said...

Well said, Ronni. We are still here.

Nelle said...

Our 40th is in September. Not sure if I want to go or not. I had remained friends with many until the last few years where they slowly went away. It was sad.

PJ said...

My sons haven't returned from college yet. Have a great time at your reunion. My is this year too, but haven't heard from anyone yet. I'll have to do some digging.