Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring pickin's and other stuff

I had body aches and was tired for about a week, with no fever but a feeling that was low-grade fluish. If I took Tylenol, I felt better and could play tennis, but I wasn't up to running.

And there was that nagging feeling that this might be the start of something really bad. I bugged people by asking if they thought something major could be wrong (as if they knew), and finally did what I should have done all along: call Melissa.

I was driving somewhere when I just pulled over and paged her. She called right back. I said, "This is something really goofy," and she laughed and said, "I'm glad." I told her I was worried about feeling sick. She said I probably had a virus and said I should call if I developed a fever. And for good measure, "You're allowed to feel sick, just like any other person."

I knew that already, but I was reassured to hear it from her. I'm lucky to have a caregiver who has the attitude that no question is too silly. Bottom line: If you're worried about something, just call. The next day I started to feel better, mentally and physically.

Spring pickin's
I have been working, slowly, on getting the grass and weeds out of my big garden. I'm probably half-way there. The garden backs up onto a small wooded area fronted by ferns, which love to creep into the garden. Getting them out is a big job. They have deep roots, even the babies. Around the back, under the trees, we have a lot of Lilies of the Valley. My mother loved them, both because they're so pretty and fragrant and also because her mother's name was Lillian.

I took a break from weeding the other day and cut some lilies and a few other early-spring flowers that were coming up. I picked a yellow "flower" that is probably a weed, but if you like the way it looks, then it's a wildflower.

On another bright note, I noticed that blueberries grown in the USA are available now. I bought a pint of berries from Georgia, plump and juicy and more affordable than those tiny trays of imported berries sold over the winter.

I have been snacking on them all day. Yum.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Runder-Woman,

Of course you are entitled to have a cold -- thank goodness that your Medical-Nurse can reassure you at the push of a button...

Enjoy the blueberries! So sweet that you do not have to worry about where they are from!


Nelle said...

I love the lillies of the valley and the yellow flowers with them. My grandmother's purple iris are blooming in my yard. Nothing cheers me as much as having some cut flowers from my own yard.