Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rejuvenating weekend

Higgins Pond, Wellfleet

I spent another rejuvenating weekend in Wellfleet, possibly my last for the year. I'm not complaining; I've been there four times since the summer.

This weekend's trip was part of a larger plan. I drove to Newton in the pouring rain Friday after playing a decent game of doubles in Enfield with Korby, Gail and Deb. I'm improving each time and moving around the court better.

My friends seemed fine with it. We had breakfast at a cute restaurant near the club, and I ordered my usual, blueberry pancakes with an egg over well.

I left on time to get to Newton without rushing. David, Sam (my nephew) and I then drove to Wellfleet, Diane having left earlier in the day. It rained the whole way and took us three hours – longer than usual – but we chatted most of the way and the drive passed quickly enough.

Saturday was beautiful. We walked through the woods, passing a string of ponds where the water sparkled in the sunlight. We ate lunch at a picnic table at the harbor and later walked along the bay. After an hour of "free time" (as our father called it) we drove to Lieutenant's Island to have dinner with friends who live amid the marshes. You have to watch the tides when coming and going, because the road before and after the bridge floods at high tides.

It's beautiful over there too. Around sunset we walked along a sandy path and stopped at an inlet where we were spellbound by the streaked sky.

Now I'm back in Newton. I have an appointment tomorrow at Dana-Farber, conveniently about 15 minutes away from here. As I'm writing this, I get butterflies about the appointment, but I can think about the images from the weekend and stay pretty calm.

After the clinic I'm going to stop at Brandeis to go to the book store and have coffee or hot chocolate with Katie. Later in the evening her a cappella group performs at a coffee house; Jim is going to drive out and meet Katie and me for a quick dinner on campus before the performance.

I hope I'll still be in a good mood.

Lieutenants Island sunset

Windswept sisters

Beach yoga. I only fell over once, and I got up without help.


Meryl Fingrutd said...

Ronni: Great pictures and what a nice thing to get out to the Cape when all the tourists are gone! Glad to hear that tennis is coming along and that you got to do yoga on the beach. Perfect!!


Jonny said...

Okay, that's it...been to the Cape 4 times SINCE the summer!!!Leisurely strolls, beach Yoga! Never another ounce of sympathy or caring will you ever deserve on this website...and I think you should change the name of your blog to "Vacationing for my life: Fighting indolence one blueberry pancake at a time!"

Seriously, good luck tomorrow, I hope all the test results are positive.

donna said...

What beautiful pictures! I'm so glad you had a good weekend and were able to see Katie at school.

=) said...

You are beautiful and strong! Keep up the good work!

Your secret admirer

Susan C said...

I especially like the picture of the windswept sisters.

Diane said...

So wonderful to have you with us in Wellfleet again. You are amazing and it's unbelievable to witness/ participate in your healing process.

Kiley said...


I stumbled upon your blog doing a search for "running after bone marrow transplant". I have a friend who is getting back to running after AML and a successful BMT. Is there some way I can get in contact with you via email to ask for advice / tips on how to help my friend? I will continue to explore you blog for info.

Warmest regards

Ronni Gordon said...


Thanks for stopping by. Please send me your e-mail. I would be happy to share tips about getting back to running.

Anonymous said...

My name is Zach Richards, I am a freshmen at Springfield College in professor Chipkins College Writing class. I just wanted to say that I envy you and how strong you have been and I'm sure your blog motivates lots of people as well as me.

Jon Riddensdale said...

Ronni, this is Jon Riddensdale, Professor Chipkin had us write about your blog. I think its great that your having a good time and out doing fun things. I really wish I could have gone to the Cape this summer.

Anonymous said...

I am a student at spfldcol and have a class with your friend carolyn robbins-chipkins. It was lovely to read your blog and your inspiring story. Loved looking at all of your pictures. they are really nice. Keep up the good work. You'll be in my thoughts.

Taylor said...

I am a student of Prof Robbins-Chipkin. I am an absolute welfleet fanatic i have been going there since i was a year old. I'm so glad this is a place you could find solace, comfort and rejuvination. I have not been for the past 2 years and look forward to going this summer for the first time Welfleet is a place where i can lose myself in little shops or just a good book out by the water. I'm so happy you are a welfleeter too. :)

Evan Knowlton said...

Great to see you had an awesome weekend. I'm only a little bit jealous looking at the pictures while sitting in Proffesor Chipkin's class. Hope all went well with your appointment!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronni, I am sam and professor robins-chipkin is letting us read your blog in class. I just wanted to say that i love the pictures and I also love going to the beach in the fall/winter when there is nobody there.

Tim said...

Hi Ronni,
My name is Tim and I am a student in Professor Chipkin's writing class. After reading all about your blog in class today, I found it to be very interesting and inspirational. Keep up the good work!

Bryan said...

Hello Ronni,
I am a freshman in Professor Chipkin's college writing class. We spent some time today reading over your blog and I really enjoyed this piece. I also love the beach and the ocean so I personally know the great feeling that it brings me. You are inspirational to everyone and we enjoy hearing about your story. Keep on fighting!

Diana said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Your blog was very interesting and inspiring to read. You seem extremely positive and enthusiastic to share your story with others. I hope your tests went well!

Diana (Professor Chipkins class)

Jon D. said...

Hi Ronni, my college writing teacher is carolyn robbins-chipkin and she had us read some of your pieces. I wanted to say that i enjoyed them and i love your pictures from the cape. They bring me back to the place i love and my time spent there at my family's condo.

Anonymous said...

My name is Chloe Norris and I am a freshman at Springfield College. We are up nice and early for our college writing class with your friend professor Chipkin.
I went to Welfleet a few Octobers ago for my grandmother's 70th birthday. It is so nice this time of year. I hope the best for you!

Anonymous said...

I am student at spfldcol and carolyn robbins-chipkins is my english teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed rading your blog and looking at your lovely pictures. It was inspiring to read your story. Kepp up the good work and god bless!

Jenn said...

Dear Ronni, I am a student in Professor Chipkin's College Writing class. I really enjoyed reading your blog. You are such a strong individual and truely an inspiration to all. Your vacations seem amazing and relaxing, and that is what you deserve. The pictures are beautiful, as well. Thanks. Sincerely, Jenn

Amarilees said...

Hi my name is Amarilees and am in Professor Chipkin's class. Great work! Very great descriptive writing. It really brings an image to mind when reading your blogs and the journey you have been on is inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ronni,
My name is Emily. I am a student of Professor Chipkin. Recently in class, we were reviewing your blog about your story that truly had an impact on me. I enjoyed reading your everyday progress and all that you were going through. You have shown all readers that you are a strong individual. I'm going to have some family members read your blogs since they too are battling cancer. They too will be insprired by your blogs as well. Your pictures are simply beautiul. I wish you all the best you luck!

Jessica said...

I am one of Professor Chipkin's students. I read your blog in class, and it is truly inspirational. Just reading one entry makes me want to read them all. I am touched by your story and wish you the best of luck in everything life has to throw at you. Keep fighting!
P.S.- Love the pictures!