Thursday, June 10, 2010

Graduation day brightens up

Caps off at the South Hadley High School graduation.

Katie gets her diploma.
Ben, Katie and Joe after graduation.

Sunday, graduation day, dawned rainy and cool. It wasn't too long before the ceremony outdoors at Mt. Holyoke College's amphitheater was moved inside to the high school gym. Enthusiasm inside the house was dampened, and there were a couple of clashes.

We sprung into action. Joe's graduation was inside too, and they gave every graduate two tickets. Jim and I were the only ones who got to go. This time, at least, they didn't have tickets; they just asked graduates to bring as few people as possible.

We were five: Joe, Ben, Diane, Jim and me. Jane and Jim went in separately. Other than it being really hot, the ceremony was nice. Katie and her friends sang a few songs as transitions, and Katie spoke a few introductory words. The speakers went along at a good clip, something they might have not done outside.

Afterwards, we had a small number of people here for hamburgers, hot dogs and a variety of salads that Margaret made. Margaret, who had stayed behind, set a beautiful table.

Katie and her friend Betty sang a couple of songs with Betty on guitar. They sounded clear and beautiful. The women were in the kitchen clustered around the singers, while the guys were outside at the patio table. (How'd that happen? Like the men retiring for a cigar and the women having ladylike conversation in olden times.) The men drifted closer to hear better. Everyone beamed.

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Wendy S. Harpham, MD said...

I savored reading about Katie's graduation, knowing you were all together in celebration of something having nothing to do with illness. I'll probably revisit the pictures a few times to refresh the feeling of joy I have for your family. With hope, Wendy