Thursday, June 17, 2010

(Dog) Progress Report

Poor baby still has to wear the E-collar

She's allowed to have it off now, but she goes after her incision and, the latest thing, her paws, where she has a yeast infection. She also has a yeast infection in her ears, something she gets on and off and which was maybe brought on by having her ears inside the collar so much. By the way, she looks fat in this photo, but it's because of the way she's lying. She actually is at her "ideal weight," 62 pounds. (Just wanted to straighten that out in case anyone is judging her.)

I took her to the vet a week ago because when I tried to walk her without the collar, she was crazed. She turned around and around and couldn't stop scratching and gnawing at her paws. The doctor diagnosed the yeast infection and gave her drops and a wash for the ears. She also prescribed Benadryl for itch. And they gave her an oatmeal bath. She said the infection in her paws would heal if she wasn't licking them. So we were to put the collar back on if she couldn't keep away.

She looks so pathetic, I want to get it off. So far within a few minutes she's licking her feet or or her incision. Today was better. She went a couple of hours before she gave in and I had to put the collar back on.

I'll probably call to see if there's anything more to do about the paws. The incision looks great.

Yesterday I checked my Visa balance and it was over $4,000. My bill is never that high, and I figured it was fraud. I called and spoke to a customer service rep who said the big bills were from the local auto repair shop (forgot about those tires and alignment) and from a veterinary hospital.

Oh! The dog. Right. I said this out loud and we had a nice brief chat. I told her the dog was hit by a car, hence, the high vet bill which I had maybe tried to forget. She said she hoped the dog was OK, I told her yes, and she wished me luck.

The first installation, when she stayed overnight and had surgery, was $1,500. I figured I had done pretty well. But she went back many times, often leaving with medicine. Each time was between $60 to $80, though this last visit was $100.

I would have done it anyway, and although among some people it is not PC to even mention the price, I have to say the total amount spent (I don't have an exact amount) was incredibly high, especially for someone out of work.

I always have a dog, except for the necessary gap when I recover from losing one. I never got pet insurance, and I don't think I will now.

All that said, I am very happy to have this one, lying next to me on her bed, breathing softly.


PJ said...

Those vet bills do add up. Have you asked about a discount, given that you're unemployed?

pam said...

Here's to Maddie! try putting on some cotton socks -- or better yet, get some ace bandages from the vet hospital, ck with them if that is ok, for the walk...they come in wonderful bright colours, pink, purple, and are easy to put on, and don't tear or hurt...

In your loving hands, she will continue to heal, and not heel!

Maddie's Auntie here hopes to come up soon to see her...


pam said...

Dear Ronni and Diane,

Happy Al-Day to All!

"Serve them up!"

As your Mother said, "a fairy tale romance of fifty years."

and remember the race! a fine omen, indeed...


Ann said...

Happy to hear that Maddie is mending. Those vet bills can get out of hand. I tried pet insurance briefly, but found billing and customer service so grossly incompetent, it left me no hope for the actual service. I cancelled within the month.

pam said...

Dogger-Pam writes again! Fitting for this Posting...

Broadway Barks, Saturday July 10th, ran into Marge, and mentioned that Amanda would love this, that Katie might come...

So, Come One, Come All, and Celebrate our Dogs and Cats!


Nelle said...

The other day I had a discussion with a neighbor about the high cost of veterninary care. My last Sheltie I had went into kidney failure and I know her care was about four thousand the last few months and that was with me giving her HOME Ivs much of the time. I fear that people will feel they cannot afford a pet, and they give us so much.