Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hurray for beautiful kidneys

Today the friendly kidney doctor with the bow tie informed me that my kidneys are beautiful. Hurray! I never gave any thought to my kidneys. Who knew?

My body is still having trouble recalibrating from what it's been through, especially the loss of a large amount of fluid in a short amount of time. I think I lost about 40 pounds in a little more than a week. It's good to have ankles and knees instead of tree stumps which I could barely move. My problem now is that when I take a walk with my walker, my standing blood pressure drops way down and I feel like I might faint. They said to just take shorter walks and be patient because it will level out soon. 

Also I still need platelet and blood transfusions; they said not to worry about that either because my marrow needs to wake up more, and they are confident it will.

Watched two Seinfelds and four Friends the other night, a record for me. I think I'm getting my focus back a little because I was able to read a whole story in The New Yorker about Rahm Emanuel, and I've been able to read a little in a book, "Unaccustomed Earth" by Jhumpa Lahiri.

Still don't know when I'll get to rehab. I've now "celebrated" the first day of winter and the first day of spring in the hospital.

I haven't looked at myself in the mirror and finally took a peek with my cell phone camera. I was dismayed to see that I had tufts of hair and bald spots making me look a little like Linus. Donna, one of the personal care assistants, buzzed it all off for me a can start from scratch, so to speak.

Thanks for your messages. It's great to get them.


PJ said...

Glad to hear you're returning to true form, physically and mentally. Have you really been in the slammer for a quarter of a year? You definitely need a new venue.

Let's hope your marrow gets with the springtime program and does some serious blooming.

You are an amazing woman!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news you have ankles again! Oh my, I remember just looking at my legs and ankles for hours when this happened to me.

You really are an inspiration, Ronni.

Nancy said...

I am so happy to read your posts again. It gives me hope.

Nancy G

Susan C said...

It reminds me of that horrible pickup line (and C&W song), "If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me." Someone needs to write an ode to your beautiful kidneys!

Hurray for kidneys and ankles and continuing to move forward.

carolyn and chip said...

Ronni -- Don't know if you received our last posts, but our thoughts bear repeating. So glad to hear that you're up on your feet again -- as you have repeatedly reminded us of the value and courage of taking one step at a time. Spring is indeed here and we're looking forward to our strolls around the pond with you and Maggie. Daffodils and tulips will be popping up any day. What a great season to anticipate being home. We're thinking of you every day. Stay strong and you'll get stronger, one step at a time. Carolyn and Chip

Wendy S. Harpham, MD said...

And you are now another day closer to feeling and being well again. Even a baby step in the right direction is a good step. Spring is the season of hope and renewal, a good time for healing.
Sending healing wishes your way.
With hope, Wendy

Nancy said...

Hey Ronni, Glad to hear your kidneys and ankles are back! What a relief! Hurray for progress....

You are such an inspiration and are always in my thoughts and prayers. Keep healing! Love, Nancy S.

SRS said...

Hi R - I think Linus is pretty cute in his own way! You sound stronger each post. In a few weeks, the weather will be just about right for you to be sprung from your winter inside nest!


Nelle said...

Right after my heart surgery my kidneys shut down and I put on 30 lbs of IV fluid. I had to have lasix given often. Glad to hear that your kidneys are functioning again, it's something you take for granted until they give you a problem. So glad you continue to do well my friend. I feel honored to know you and all that you have overcome. My thoughts are often with you and eagerly awaiting better and better news.

c said...

It's Connie and Rose!
We're so excited that you're blogging again! We've missed you.

Katie and I have just started rehearsing for the spring production. It's exciting! Katie sounds amazing, as always. =]I hope you can be back to see it.

I miss my walks with you. It's still not quite warm enough for me, but it will warm up, and you'll be back soon.

Remember, if you need any homemade baked goods or handmade knitted garments, don't hesitate to ask!

Much love!

nicole_rc said...

Im so excited to read your story..
A friend from the LLS board thought I could use some encouragment and sent me here to read your story:) I called my sister and shared it with her also. Currently our mom age 53, AML M1, had a SCT in Aug. 08 and since has had minor to major complications from steroids and GVHD. Last week she had her colon removed after the gvhd took a toll. Lately it has been one thing after another, and the most recent is a blood clot in her lung and edema all over. However, my mom is determined to win, and its sounds like you have been winning for a long time.. Im looking forward to learning about you, hugs, nicole

Anonymous said...

FYI, all those who keep talking about spring are a little optimistic- it's still kind of chilly. Spring in New England usually waits until April, and may very well make its appearance about the same time you are ready to walk the pod and feel some fuzzy hair on your head.

Much love to you,

donna said...

It was so great to talk with you yesterday. You sound good! Eat, eat, eat. Hope to see you soon and walk the POD. (Maybe some air tennis?!) Love you!

pam said...

Ronni, Our Beautiful Renal Regna!

Happy Spring and Healing...

i'm with Tami, in the Autumn, it will be 33 years of Friends, and you continue to inspire us all...

hockeychic said...

So good to read this update from you and read that things are improving. Sending you best wishes for a continued recovery. You are blooming along with the spring flowers!