Wednesday, November 5, 2014

First world problem, real world problem

It turns out that I actually did not have a stress fracture, although when I saw my podiatrist today he said it was a good thing that I wore the boot because I was probably on the way to getting one, and catching it early nipped it in the bud.

When I went for a little test run a few days ago, my big toe really hurt, though. Even when I wasn't moving, I got shooting pains in it. So today I asked for, and got, a cortisone shot.

Dr. Wolf said I need to ice it and baby it for a couple of days, after which I can get back to tennis. I said I was disappointed because I thought I could play tomorrow.

As I was leaving, I shrugged and said, "First world problem, I guess."

He got a kick out of that and said he had never heard it. I hadn't either until Katie told me about it being a popular topic on the internet. I think I am going to email him this link that explains it. The examples of first world problems contrasting with real world problems can really make you stop and think.

Changing the topic now from feet to face, here is an update on the natural progression after the PDT. As expected, my skin is peeling, and I have to admit it is difficult to stop myself from helping it along. Katie has caught me fussing with the things on my skin and has said, "MOM, stop doing that," and so I need to internalize my daughter and keep my hands off my face.

It reminds me of the bad old days of getting so sunburned that my skin would peel off in sheets, which I thought was really cool and also a sign that tanning in earnest could begin. In addition to sunbathing, I was also a lifeguard, and that added to my sun exposure.

You might not think it when you look at me now, but my skin is actually fair. It darkened after chemotherapy, a process known as hyperpigmentation. In the off-season when I haven't been outside in the sun, sometimes people wonder if I've gone on a vacation.

They ask, "Where did you get that tan?"

It would definitely be a conversation stopper to say that I got it in the hospital during chemotherapy, so I make up some fabulous island destination.

Only kidding. Mostly I just shrug my shoulders and say that I don't really know.

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