Friday, November 14, 2014

Pointing to another weird problem

Most times recently when I've seen my friend Jo – Nurse Jo – I have a medical question or request.

Lately it has been taking out the stitches that I got when having squamous cell cancers removed. Last night, as were leaving her house after book club, I said I couldn't go without asking her something medical.

So I showed her the fingernail on my left pointer finger. The skin around it is red, inflamed and painful. She said it is definitely infected and I should call my doctor. I did that today and he is phoning in a prescription for the antibiotic levaquin. I am also supposed to soak it.

I was trying to figure out how this might have happened and I think maybe it was when I was pulling dead annuals out of the garden and cutting back perennials. Maybe I caught it on something prickly.

Is the moral of that story
(a) wear gloves,
(b) let it wait until spring, or
(c) get somebody else to do it?

My whole left axis is out of whack; the left big toe still hurts even after I got a cortisone shot. My podiatrist suggested wearing the boot when possible. The physical therapist who I am seeing for something else also worked on it.

Putting faith in the saying that laughter is the best medicine, I'm looking forward to attending Jokes for Jimmy, a Jimmy Fund event, tonight at the Log Cabin, featuring Mike O’Brien, Sean McCarthy, Tumbling Jack Walsh and Lenny Clarke.

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