Saturday, November 29, 2014

Rooting for UMass football (announcer)

I'm sorry if this sounds terribly un-American, but unless you count that I felt like I was at a football game while watching the TV series Friday Night Lights, I had never been to one until yesterday.

That's when Katie and I went to the UMass vs. Buffalo game, not so much to watch the action on the field as to hear Joe announce. Let me tell you it was a thrill a minute. I felt like turning around and telling spectators, "That's my son!"

It was the same way when I heard him announce a UMass hockey game. I was cheering more for him than for the players, and that time I crept down to behind the announcer's box and watched him do his reads. (And true confessions, I even took a picture in which I got mostly just the back of his head.)

Ben had come up from Fairfield yesterday to go the the football game with two friends, and then he slept over. This morning, the four of us had breakfast before everyone went their separate way.

I've seen parents of around my age writing this on Facebook over the holiday weekend and it is so true: It is nice to have a full house if only briefly.

Here is Joe's interview on UMass Sports Insider with senior linebacker Stanley Andre, an economics major (1:50 into the segment.)
I am kvelling!

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Margaret said...

You have much to kvell about! Joe did a great job and the guy he interviewed was impressive, too. Go Minutemen!