Saturday, November 22, 2014

Catching up with friends from Friends

My friends from the Friends Seminary class of 1972 try to see each other as often as we can. We talk and we text. When the larger group got together at reunion, we shared so much history that it seemed like we barely missed a beat. I got reacquainted with Dan Green and Sabrina Hamilton when we all ended up living in Western Mass., and he was kind enough to create my website, that is invaluable for freelance writing. Same thing when we got together: Never missed a beat. I am so excited that in the next few days I will see two "old" friends who I haven't seen in ages. Tom Rosenfield is coming from Switzerland to visit relatives in New York, and I am going to meet up with him and some others tomorrow. Next week, Scott Miller will travel from West Virginia to Providence, R.I., also to see relatives, and since that is under two hours from me, I'm going to meet up with him there.

See if you can find me in our 11th grade class photo, top. In the bottom photo, it is easy to find me with my crazy hair. We are all holding our senior photos. I think Scott Miller is responsible for that one.

In any case, I'm heading down to New York today via my usual hop, skip and a jump, stopping in Fairfield, where Ben will take me to the Metro North.

Last time I wrote that I was heading to the Old Country – what some of us Jews call New York – my friends here with roots on the Emerald Isle thought I meant Ireland!

But it is actually my own old country, where I feel at home the moment I step into Grand Central Station.

My room looks like it has been hit by a hurricane because I tore it apart last night looking for something to wear out to dinner. Even though I know that the house you leave is the house to which you return and it is nice not to come back to a mess, I am going to shut the door and get on the road as soon as possible so I will have time to do my favorite run around the Central Park reservoir before having dinner with my cousins.

Tomorrow: Dim Sum in Chinatown, then a visit with my aunt Marge and Bill before coming back.

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