Sunday, November 2, 2014

Taking it easy

I put my yoga clothes on yesterday morning but I just couldn't make it; even though there are many worse things, having your face subjected to an intense 15-minute burn can take a lot out of you.

The pain had mostly subsided, but I still felt under the weather and like I had a low-grade fever. The couch looked more inviting than the yoga studio, so I took a nap instead. I took Maddie for a short walk, then read and sent out emails inquiring about new freelance jobs. That was about it.

Although I can hardly ever find any movies to watch on TV, I found  "Enough Said," with Julia Lewis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini. It was a nice little romantic comedy but also sad.

The dedication, "For Jim," appears before the credits at the end of the film. It was the second-to-last film for Gandolfini, who died last year from a heart attack at age 51. Roger Ebert, also gone now, wrote, of the dedication, "It will likely turn a pleasant-enough comedy into a two-hanky weeper for many."

(Actually I really teared up at the scene in which the mother played by Lewis-Dreyfus bids a tearful farewell to her daughter, who is heading off to college for the first time. It seems like only yesterday that I was doing the same thing.)

Today despite almost being blown away by the wind, I did make it to Pilates and for a walk with Maddie. My face will probably be red for a week and then it will start to peel. I go back to Boston in a month for Dr. Lin to survey her handiwork.

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