Friday, February 14, 2014

On pins and needles

I tried a little experiment a couple of days ago to see if I could go down from four Neurontin a day to two.

 I've done this before, with permission, because I never tinker with anything on my own. I wanted to see if the neuropathy in my feet might be getting better on its own. Also then I would only need to take 14 pills in the morning instead of 15. Big difference, right? I guess that psychologically there is a benefit to taking less medicine, however small the decrease.

Well, it didn't work last time, and it didn't work this time either. Last night I was upstairs, just about to get into bed, when I got an attack of pins and needles in my feet. I thought I might just ignore it, but I know that the last time I did that, the pins and needles quickly turned into sharp knives.

Maddie was all "tucked in" in her bed in my room when I headed for the door to go downstairs where the pills are. She jumped up, thinking (I guess) that there was going to be some late-night action. I told her to stay, went downstairs, found the pill and popped it. The pins and needles diminished pretty quickly. So much for that experiment.

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susiegb said...

Well, at least you tried, and found it didn't work this time ... Maybe next time!