Sunday, February 23, 2014

To New York and back

Amanda, Katie and me after seeing "Pippin"
I threw my running things in my suitcase for my trip with Katie to New York on Wednesday, thinking that being near the Central Park Reservoir might inspire me to start running again.

But the streets were still a mess from the latest storm, and it turns out I did enough running around to get all the exercise I needed and then some.

On Wednesday night we saw the amazing revival of "Pippin" on Broadway. Thursday we went to Brooklyn to have lunch with my niece, Lily. It was so nice out that we got ice cream and strolled back to Manhattan over the
Brooklyn Bridge, with views of the Manhattan skyline and, to the left, the Statue of Liberty. During all those years growing up in New York I never took that walk. We provincial Manhattanites took notice of  Brooklyn only from a distance. Now, of course, Brooklyn is a happening place.

Thursday night we had Chinese food with Marge (95) and Bill at their apartment near the United Nations, with spectacular views of the East River. Friday we went down to Times Square to our cousin Serena's office at and did a little shopping in Macys. This all involved a lot of going up and down subway stairs, which wasn't too bad except for the last couple of steps on each trip, which required every ounce strength that I had left. With help from Katie's outstretched hand, I successfully navigated an obstacle course of puddles and ice patches.

Finally, on Saturday morning I had breakfast with our friend Harriet from Atlantic Beach.

Ben and Webster
These visits always bring up the question of where is home. Obviously my home is here in South Hadley, but when I am in New York I feel like I am returning home. It is not the same without my parents, but I love seeing my friends and relatives and feeling like I fit right back in (although I could do without being crammed into the subway). I guess that home can be more than one place.

On Saturday, I stopped in Fairfield to see Ben and Meghan's puppy, Webster, who is part German shepherd and part Labrador retriever. I brought him Maddie's favorite snack, Snausages, and a little pull toy. What an adorable baby!

I was tired enough this morning that before writing this, I put my head down on the kitchen table and fell asleep.

Tonight, tennis, and tomorrow, the rescheduled trip for a checkup at Dana-Farber.


PJ said...

I saw the original Pippin way back when. Turns out I was in NYC at the same time (although my trip was briefer). I hear you about the subways. Those last steps make you wan to scream. I'll be in Boston Wednesday for an eye exam at Boston Foundation for Sight. We're two ships passing in the night once again.

Ronni Gordon said...

Ha! I'll be there Monday and Thursday. Next time we should try to coordinate and have coffee.