Thursday, February 13, 2014

Another snow day

I was supposed to go to Boston today for a checkup and a leisurely session of therapeutic phlebotomy, but the snow put the kibosh on that.

It doesn't matter that much if I reschedule. My last appointment was only a month ago; we scheduled this one close to check on how my liver enzymes are doing with the prednisone dose decreased half a milligram down from 3 mgs. a day. It was such a small decrease that I'm sure the test can wait. Also I feel good and am not worried about anything. (!!!!)

Some friends who know me well warned me yesterday not to go slipping and sliding in the snow. Why they think I might be reckless I have no idea.

The Olympics have drawn me in. I enjoyed today's tour of the Kremlin, with its display cases of fabulous diamonds and Fabergé eggs and its grand architecture. Last night I was dazzled by the pairs figure skating. It's hard to see them fall, but it reminds you that while their skating looks effortless, it takes an amazing amount of work. Seen from the vantage point of someone who can barely balance on one foot, it is doubly amazing.

Today: Crock pot pot roast, writing, reading, laundry, looking out the wind. Maybe practicing balancing on one foot. Maybe standing up and sitting down in a chair. Maybe my exercise routine in my room. Maybe just lying on the couch.

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