Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Travel time

It takes a ridiculous amount of time to juggle doctors' appointments, as anyone who sees a lot of specialists knows. Sometimes I think I should just move to Boston to eliminate all the time I spend on the Mass Pike…and on the phone trying to make it all work.

In rescheduling yet another appointment canceled due to snow, I couldn't get it back-to-back with two other appointments already scheduled. So I am going to see Melissa for my checkup on Monday Feb. 24, then go home and go back again to see the dermatologist, Dr. Lin, and the dentist, Dr. Treister, on that Thursday.

The good thing is that I can get my labs drawn when I do the therapeutic phlebotomy before my checkup. I will already have an IV in, so I won't have to be stuck twice to get my labs. We must be thankful for small gifts.

On a more fun note, Katie and I are going to New York tomorrow to see "Pippin" on Broadway and to visit friends and relatives. I will leave my car in Fairfield and take the train to New York, so on the way back I can see Webster, my grand puppy. Can't wait!

I have something to write today. It isn't so bad out, so Katie and I are going to walk Maddie. I already spent some time trying to chop ice on the front walkway so the mail can be delivered. I remembered buying "pet friendly" ice melt and actually found it in the garage and sprinkled some on the ice.

It is about 1 p.m., and if I start packing now, I should be done by midnight. My daughter, who is just the opposite, says I have BPD, or Bad Packing Disorder, and I'm afraid that she is right.

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PJ said...

I'm going to NYC for dr. appts. tomorrow. At least I got them on the same day. Enjoy the day with Katie!