Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow day

For my very own New Year, I finally got around to giving up the cavernous Planet Fitness, where I hardly ever went, and switching to the Holyoke Y, where I hope to go more often to take advantage of the classes that are part of the membership fee. I'll probably swim also, but I have to wait for my lips to clear up because I think at this point the water would sting them.

I am having some luck with the steroid ointment that my dermatologist gave me, so there is some progress.

I was going to go to yoga tonight at the Y, but my exercise is consisting of walking from window to window watching the snow fall. I might do a little yoga or stretching on my own, but then again I might just make coffee, read and catch up on things.

Everyone is very friendly and helpful at the Y. The problem is the shortage of machines; there is ONE upright stationary bike, so I will have to go at off times to use it. Some of my Mount Holyoke friends take kick-boxing, and some of my book club friends do spinning, but at this point I would probably kill myself doing either of those.

Yesterday I had an interesting experience on the teaching front, meanwhile. The classroom teacher at the Literacy Project was outt, so I had to conduct the lesson instead of doing my usual small-group or one-on-one tutoring. It was kind of stressful but I made it through, gathering my wits afterwards with a scone and coffee at the Haymarket.

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Anonymous said...

just read your previous blog, and am crying as I write this...

joyful affirmative tears --

Runder-Woman, Happy Wondrous Re-birthday!