Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Back to reality

After taking the red eye from San Francisco to Boston Sunday night, I basically sleep-walked through two appointments in Boston yesterday.

I started out at 10:30 by seeing Dr. Goguen about the spot on my tongue that she had been treating for a fungus. She said it had gotten smaller but was still there and offered me the choice of (A) two more weeks of "swish and spit" and dissolving a medicated lozenge in my mouth, or (B) getting a biopsy which would hurt enough to require pain medication.

I chose A even though the medication is gross. I need to go back in two weeks for her to check it again.

Then I walked from Dana-Farber though the connectors to Brigham and Women's, grabbing a bite to eat at Au Bon Pain and then going across the street to catch the shuttle bus to Mass General...and promptly falling asleep.

I woke up at my stop to cries of "Miss, miss!" – and an empty bus.

Next I saw Dr. Neel about the squamous cell cancer on my lip. He voted for taking it off with a Mohs procedure rather than possibly waiting around for a face fry. He said I'd only lose 1/10 of my lip, and he'd stitch it together so that after it heals, it would only look like a wrinkle.

Hip hip hooray for another wrinkle!

I especially dislike the thought of getting cut on my lip, so I'm already planning on taking an Ativan.

Actually, I'll be glad to get it done because it stings most of the time.

It was a beautiful day here, with our rolling hills starting to turn color. I loved San Francisco, but it is nice to be home.

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