Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ways to stay (slightly) sane in post-election daze

Holding signs of solidarity at the Islamic Center of Western Massachusetts
There is so much to get upset about during this post-election season. Did you ever say a word over and over again until it doesn't make sense? Like the word irked? Some of it is extremely upsetting and some of it is a nagging IRK.

I have kept pretty quiet around the people who watch my dog, but for the first time the other night when I went to pick her up I just couldn't control myself.
Attorney Tahirah A. Wudud gives situation update

"How do you like your guy's cabinet picks?"
"How do you like the way he bullied that nice union boss?" (Chuck Jones, who called out Trump's Carrier deal.)

Answer: "We voted for him and he's our president and you Democrats have to get over it. The country couldn't be any worse than it's been for the past eight years." Huh?

During the election, when we had one brief discussion, I mentioned that the unemployment rate was way down and got this answer: "You people believe what you want to believe." So it is a dead end and they are super nice people and they love my dog and I couldn't do what I do without them so I know I have to keep quiet.

I really need them when I go to Boston. I don't actually need them that much otherwise except that having Maddie go there is a win win situation. They love her and she loves to go there so much that when I open the car door she runs up to the house. If I tell her she's going to stay home she gives me that mournful look. (Who's the boss?) When I pick her up she goes over to each one and says goodbye.

Yesterday I told them that I was going to a mosque. I didn't finish the sentence with the reason I was going to the interfaith gathering at the Islamic Society of Western Massachusetts. It was of course to stand up against the hate incited against Muslims and Jews by the President Elect.

It was a cold dark night but I was glad I went. The spirit was amazing. I talked to a lot of people in the standing room crowd and signed up for something (not sure what) on a sheet where people stated their desire to help. There were more than 200 people, and we all got served a delicious dinner. One of the members of the mosque was a student of mine at The Literacy Project and she took me into the kitchen full of brimming platters and told me to make myself a plate. (Others were doing the same.) So, dinner tonight.

I found out about the event through the Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts. I would like to do more. It fits into number 1 on a 10-part plan of not losing my mind or harming my health over this insanity.

1: Do something (i.e. get out of my head).
2: Donate to more causes within my means. It was hard to chose but I picked: ProPublica (journalism in the pubic interest), Environmental Defense Fund, Anti-Defamation League,  and, drumroll...Planned Parenthood.
3: Talk it over with like-minded people.
4: Pet the dog, walk the dog, talk to the dog.
5: Exercise (TENNIS, yoga, spinning).
6: Write.
7: Limit TV news (bye-bye Morning Joe, one MSNBC program and no more at night).
8: Read about something else.
9: Plan a trip (I'm going to Florida!)
10: Do something nice. I got my dentist and his staff an edible arrangement made of fruit. Because he is so nice to me and gives me the best price he can and because the staff is so friendly. Kind of like my "Cheers"...sigh.
11. Watch and rewatch old and new Gilmore Girls episodes. Because.

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