Thursday, September 15, 2016

Stranded... in my own house

I couldn't complain about the person driving me to Boston for my appointment yesterday because I never saw him. I waited in my usual spot looking out the window at my driveway and checked my phone to see if I had missed a call.

I called the company, Sonic Velocity (one of the good ones) but it went straight to voicemail. I called MART, which arranges these in-state rides for patients, and got put on hold while the call taker checked. She said the driver had left because he didn't see me. I said I never saw him. She said he was waiting at the foot of the driveway. I said we've been through this before. The first time this happened more than a year ago when a driver left without me I said it's a state highway and the door is on the driveway side. I said this company has been taking me for more than a year and they know that. She said it is a curb-to-curb pickup and they don't have to call me. It is only a courtesy and if I want it I have to request it. I said I did request it. She said there was nothing she could do but put me on standby, in which case I would need to wait an hour.

What would you like me to do, she asked. I started crying. If you can label a type of cry, I guess it was a combination anger and frustration. I hung up on her. I missed my appointment. Still crying, I called the Kraft Family Blood Donor Center. Diane, who books the ECP -- or photopheresis -- appointments, was very nice. I rebooked for today. I am going to drive myself.

So, OK, it's not life or death. I can do it today. I had arranged things so I could do it yesterday as planned and then had to rearrange them. But what if someone REALLY needed to go to an appointment the same day? They would be screwed.

I'm stoic (for the most part ) about the big things, but the annoyances like this get me all worked up.

People have asked why I don't just drive myself. Because it's a lot to do in one day, and you lose a little blood in the process, and I get tired. Depending on how I feel afterwards, I'm going to either sleep at Margaret's or come home. I have things to do tonight and tomorrow so I would rather come home.

I put a half humorous post on Facebook saying what had happened and asking if anyone wants to drive me to Boston and hang around for three hours while I get my blood sunburned.

My childhood friend from Atlantic Beach, Mike Kass, was the only one who responded. A new social worker said she didn't understand why I was hesitant to ask people for rides. I said because people are busy and it takes up a whole day and they have other things to to. I think it is probably like this for anyone who has been seriously ill: You are lucky to have friends to help you in the serious stage, and you have to understand that they are less likely to do it in the maintenance stage.

I think Mike would have driven me. But it's a long way from California.

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