Monday, June 13, 2016

(Hamilton) Tony Awards, pantry moths and trip to New York

It's hard enough to get to sleep after one show, let alone the performances of all the nominated shows on last night's Tony Awards, followed by a deep dive into Hamilton-land, watching the Ham for Ham performances held before some shows, and then the three actors who played the king miscast as the Schuyler Sisters, and so on and so forth.

On top of which Katie was here for a Tony Awards dinner of brownies and ice cream, and Connie was here too to add to the fun.

This drowned out the noise in my head created by my ongoing battle with pantry moths, but at least after our tennis match yesterday I found out that I am not alone in being enraged by these little matchstick-like pests. When I said that I was going home to take care of my weeds and my pantry moths, two other players chimed in that they had the same problem. We then had a pantry-moth-itis support group because they too said it was making them hate their homes.

I got some Dr. Earth Pure and Natural Pest Control Killer Spray from Home Depot and am enjoying streaming it onto them and watching them fall. I looked it up and found that many sufferers recommended Diatomaceous Earth, a powder which I ordered from Amazon. I sprinkled it around in my now empty pantry and then thought afterwards maybe I should have had someone else do it and worried that I had inhaled something that could trigger a chain reaction of horribleness. A friend of Ben's who lives across the street had said that he would do it but he seemed busy so I went ahead but since it has now created anxiety I have to remember to not do that kind of thing again.

But on to the next thing:

Drive to New York with Katie, stay at an Airbnb 10 blocks from 1200 Fifth Ave., my old homestead, probably check in there with old friends who still live there, then Shakespeare in the Park and "Waitress" for the second time and some other stuff.

I don't have to worry about crazy drivers because we are driving ourselves. We were going to park in Stamford and take the train but then I got the idea of googling parking near 115th Street and Fifth Avenue and came up with ParkWhiz, through which you order a spot and get a pass for $17 a day, meaning I'm going to pay $51 for three days in New York.

Katie said Grandpa might not be too happy because it is a sign of wimpiness to park in a garage instead of on the street but I said I think he is watching from Heaven and thinking since I can't ask the doorman to feed the meter anymore it is a pretty good deal and I should take it. I read the reviews and they were all favorable. It will be cheaper than parking and taking the train and also we won't have to drag out stuff from the train station.

On to the next challenge: packing.

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