Saturday, May 28, 2016

Nightmares of a different sort

When I came downstairs this morning I was surprised to see this rhododendron in full bloom.

I noticed that if you take a photo through the screen, it looks like embroidery.

If you wake up with something on your mind, you can try to focus on an image to stop dwelling on whatever the thing is.

Or so they say.

Thanks to my friends who convinced me to go to our Vassar reunion next month, I had my first back-to-school nightmare in a while. As my friend Mimi Rigali knows, I'm usually too busy having nightmares about work. The times when someone steals your chair while you're in the bathroom and replaces it with a broken one. (This really happened.)

Last night I dreamt I couldn't remember what floor of the dormitory my room was in. (We're staying in a dorm at reunion.)

I had to catch a bus and raced up to the fourth floor to pick up something I forgot but then realized it was the wrong floor. I found that out when I opened the door to a room and other people were in there.  I really couldn't remember what room I was in and was afraid I was getting Alzheimer's. I found Diane and she said it was the first floor. I tried to walk down the up escalator. People looked at me like I was crazy. I turned around and raced down the stairs. The handrail kept alternating sides and I had to switch hands to hold on.

I needed to pack but I couldn't find the suitcase. Then someone told me it was in the car. But a bike rack was on the car and you couldn't open the door without taking the bike rack off and I couldn't find anyway to help.

Then I was going to take a bike ride but I couldn't find a helmet. The people I was with said don't bother, we never wear a helmet. I said I thought I should because you never know when you're going to fall off. I decided to take a walk but I wasn't sure I could find my way back.

Take that and analyze it.

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