Saturday, September 12, 2015

Birthday party fun and paranoia in the night

Birthday boy, top, and Maddie
Wrote this in the middle of the night.
Ran off and forgot to publish!

So far, a strange night.

Well, not exactly night. Early morning, 3:32 a.m.

Maddie had a great evening at Grimsby's birthday party. She ran around like crazy at Ken and Andrea's, allowed a birthday hat to be put on her, and did not complain when Grimsby snatched it off and ran away with it. She had some cake (a decorated bone made at Dave's Soda and Pet Food City), sat with friends by a bonfire, and had some other treats not usually on the menu.

She drank a lot of water and went to sleep OK but woke me up breathing at twice her normal rate. I brought some water up for her. She lapped it up. I looked up the number of the Veterinary Emergency Hospital Hospital in Deerfield on my iPhone and dropped it on the bridge of my nose. It made a decent cut.

I dialed the number and got Jackie, who asked if Maddie's gums were pink. They were. She said maybe the dog is just hot in my room. I said I had the ceiling fan on and it seemed OK. I wondered if there could be anything seriously wrong with her heart due to her breathing at twice her pace. I thought of a friend who called me years ago saying she had gone running with her dog in the heat and the dog got overheated and died.

Jackie said it was my decision. I decided not to go. Couldn't go back to sleep. Decided to go. It would cost more than $100 just to walk in the door. Put my clothes on and brought the dog downstairs. Tried to lie down on the floor next to her. She got up and walked away.

 If she could talk, she would probably say, "Stop smothering me. Leave me alone, I'm just tired."

Maybe she was in a huff because Grimbsy grabbed the cake and ran away and his Mom and Dad had to break off a piece and give it to her.

She got up on the couch and settled down. Decided not to go. Sat down to write. 3:55 a.m.

Summer tennis team round robin at 10 followed by trip to Black Birch Orchard for wine and food.

Maddie resting peacefully on the couch.

Better get some sleep myself.

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