Thursday, March 12, 2015

Zapped, biopsied and honked at

As expected, today I got another biopsy of yet another possible squamous cell cancer, this one right in the middle of my forehead.

I know myself well enough now to NOT get in the car and drive back home and then half way there realize that the anesthesia has worn off and I wish I had stayed another night. I ought to be OK by tomorrow. But as for now, my forehead is stinging and also my hands where Dr. Liu, the dermatologist I saw today, zapped some spots.

I bumped into Dr. Marty, who always lights up my day, and after a hug asked him when he was ever going to let me off two drugs I am taking, Valtrex and Bactrim, to protect my immune system from invaders. He said to ask Melissa: 1 milligram is nothing, and he thought it would be OK. But Melissa said she and Dr. Alyea are the ones who are keeping me on because the prednisone and GVHD can both compromise the immune system. She said, though, that maybe I can cut back on the Valtrex. Even one fewer pill a day would be nice.

As noted yesterday, driving around here is dicey. Coming back to Newton Highlands from Boston today, I slowed down to turn off Route 9 onto Woodward Street. The driver behind me honked as though she had wanted me to whip around the corner, where, by the way, the sight lines are blocked by snow.

Diane says that people around here are just at loose ends.

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