Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tennis a hazardous sport at times

Things might be looking up in the foot department because today I have an appointment with Ken Holt, the physical therapist who cured my plantar fasciitis with soft orthotics made on the spot, thereby causing me to be optimistic about his ability to prescribe a cure for the painful big toe and the area beneath it on the top of my foot.

My right leg in general is not so great because I am sporting a bruise the size of a cantaloupe on my calf after being hit by a ball during Friday night's pizza mixer in Ludlow. In the past when I got hit by a ball maybe it was my fault for not getting out of the way, but there was nothing I could have done about the wild serve that a (guy) player hit (hard) onto the wrong half of the court. It was supposed to go to my partner, the receiver, in the ad court, but instead it creamed me as I stood in the deuce court on the service line.

I hobbled up to the net and said that, technically, it was their point. Sometimes people don't realize it, but according to USTA rules, a so-called body shot is always the opponent's point:

If any ball (during the service or a rally) hits a player before it hits the ground, no matter where that opposing player(s) is standing and no matter how far out the ball was heading, that player/team loses the point.

They said they would feel terrible taking the point, so they didn't, playing it as a missed first serve, after which they won the point on the second serve anyway.

I haven't run or played tennis since then, but I have gone to exercise classes at the Y because:

(a) it's hard for me to sit still
(b) there is not really any pounding on my foot
(c) we do a lot of weight-lifting which is good to do although my least favorite, and,
(d) there is a "winter wellness challenge" going on and we have been given little cards for the instructors to initial after each workout; when you complete 10 workouts you can be entered to win prizes.

I never win anything, or maybe I did once and it was a sweatband or something, but there is nothing like a little incentivizing.

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