Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Guest post for Cure magazine

Hello Readers,

Here is a link go a guest post I wrote this month for Cure magazine.

It basically recaps my medical journey, but from a slightly different angle for a new audience.

I guess I'll just let the post speak for itself.



Nelle said...

Incredible article Ronni. You did an amazing job. Each time I reread your story I am amazed at the strength you have. I lost a friend to AML about twenty years ago. It was so different then compared to all the treatments they have now. I have such admiration for the courage you have. You are an inspiration to others who face any battle.

Robin said...

That is an awesome piece of writing. Your journey continues to inspire me and I'm sure many! All the best.

Anonymous said...

Runderful Ronni,

i just got chills over my entire body -- what a hard road you've had -- running it with all of its horrors and pitfalls, e'er triumphant...


Denise said...

great article, Ronni! It made me teary-eyed. So inspiring!

donna said...

It is always a thrill to hear your INCREDIBLE story. You are a fabulous writer. Here's to many more tennis wins!