Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good parking, good play in NY

Katie and I are back from three days in New York, where the first thing we did was walk with Serena along The High Line, a park built on an elevated rail line along the west side.

I had never been before, and it was just incredible. The sign above just cracked me up, because it spoke to the determination that I (and obviously many others) have with getting a spot.

I also had to laugh because we had just driven in and I had found the perfect spot without praying to anyone.

Katie and me on the High Line.
Saturday night we saw the revival of Stephen Sondheim's  "Follies" with Bernadette Peters. It was amazing, a combination of darkness and light not usually seen in Broadway musicals. We had heard many of the songs, such as "Broadway Baby," before in revues, but didn't realize that they came from this show first produced in 1971.

The weather was nice, so we walked around a lot, did a little shopping, saw family and one night went down to Brooklyn to hear some music. On Sunday morning, I ran four miles along the Hudson River Park and really enjoyed it. I'm used to Central Park and the reservoir on the upper east side, but the change of scene kept me interested.

Later that day, we did get up to the park, walking across it at nightfall to dinner with the city lights all around us.

On Monday, we stopped in Stamford, Conn., for a late lunch with Ben, getting back late and tired.

And now, it's back to the routine, starting with tutoring in 7:30 a.m. tomorrow.

But hey, as I write this I'm listening to "Broadway Baby," and it's bringing me back.


Ann said...

I love the picture of you pointing to the sign. One of these days I'll finally make it to New York to take in the sights you and PJ write so beautifully about.

Anonymous said...

Great photo of you and Katie! Let's talk soon. Love, Nancy

Ronni Gordon said...

Ann: We want you to come! How about in the spring?

PJ said...

I have a free room on East 80th Street!!!
Ann, you must come. Ronni's a true Manhattanite who can plan some great stuff. You might want to wait until April due to weather concerns.

Ann said...

I'm finishing up my final semester at LSU, so I'll be in the midst of final projects this spring. I'm hoping to make it this year. I'll definitely let you know once I get it sorted out.

Anonymous said...

Runderful Runni,

Next year, you and Katie might reconsider my invitation to Broadway Barks --
Bernadette Peters, who is on our pet-rescue board, started it twelve years ago with Mary Tyler Moore...
Speaking of Broadway, Happy Birthday Eve of your Beautiful and Beloved Mother, who gave us so many great dinners and shows with Al...xop