Thursday, August 11, 2011

Annoyed by weeds, appreciating flowers

And now for something trite but true:

In life as in gardening, acknowledge the weeds, but enjoy the flowers.

I have been telling myself this lately as the weeds in my garden have a field day. The flowers are pretty, too, and I have enough to make an arrangement for the kitchen table, but the weeds seem to cry out, "Pull us, pull us, or we will annoy you until you do."

As noted before, I am not supposed to pull weeds until I am off prednisone. My compromised immune system makes me more susceptible to inhaling fungus from the dirt, and since I've already been there, done that and had a fungal pneumonia excised from my lung, it's important to stay away.

But sometimes I can't resist, and I bend over and yank out a few, turning my head or holding my breath. (And then there's someone in particular who has to listen to me panic and ask "Am I going to get sick and die?" and who then reminds me that I probably breathe in worse things at the shopping mall...thanks, Deborah.)

My kids are supposed to weed, and they do, to a certain extent, but unless I had them out there for hours, it would never get done. I drive myself, and them, crazy by nagging them. Good Morning! Pull weeds, pull weeds!

And then, the darned things grow back. I asked a friend who has done it before if she would do a little weeding; she said yes but hasn't called back. It's probably not high on her list, and I can see why.

Finally I broke down and asked another friend who does work on the house if I could pay him to clean up the garden. He said sure, he could. He's scheduled to come in a few days.

I think it will be worth it.

In the meantime, on the positive side, I am enjoying the flowers on the table: yellow and white zinnias, pink and yellow snapdragons, and a hydrangea that I separated into clumps of blue, green and blue-green. Last year the hydrangea blooms were all blue, but this year they are blue, green and even a little pink.

The hydrangea is humongous this year, growing so tall and wide that it is threatening to become the hydrangea that ate the house.

I need to clip it back from time to time, or else I will have another problem to worry about.


pam said...

Runderful Ronni,

Ever your Mother's daughter -- the Gordon-Garden in Bloom!


PJ said...

I've been a really bad girl. I weed like crazy in the country. Today I bought one of those knee cushions that allow you to gracefully kneel and yank. Not as good for your quads but a more attractive silhouette!

Ronni Gordon said...

Even while still on prednisone? You're setting a bad example (but now I might be encouraged to yank a few more without feeling like I've done myself in).